I love u ,,little boys.I think iam the same witu u totally sometimes.

Perhaps, I shall be more peaceful. But now I have sth that I must do,
that is to miss u.
Perhaps, I am willing to. But sometimes when it comes, I can’t control.
Yes, I actually can’t.
From the second before, I’m being missing u, & this’ll last for the next
second & next. Sth is I couldn’t purse.
Until the second next, I’ll be missing u, & this kind of feeling always
comes along. U r my fatal attraction.
At night, I lie awake & wonder if sb ever has told u, that u r so
beautiful that ashamed the angels high in the sky.
At night, I lie awake & wonder whether u’d look my way. I know u’ve made
me blind.

Hey,I love u.We both know that.I bet u r sleeping right now cos it is
late tonight.U said u wanna get back with her.U said u might fail and u
didnt have much confidence.I told u I got u back.I mean it.Though I feel
so sad when I think about what would it like that u two becoming
novios.I wish u happy.By saying this Im not just saying it.I want to
make it happen.I help u get there.I know how much u love her.As much as
my love for u I guess.Or more.U were so upset when that stupid girl
damped u.I was hurted too.I felt sorry for you.And also for myself.I
really love u.I love u so so much.I know u r not into me.But I still
love u more than anything.I would do anything for u as long as it
helps.I know I sound silly.I fall in love.And no one can blame me for

I hustle and hustle,killing for kill.

Lu:Do u think there is still some reason to love me?I think there is
not. My friend was drunk tonight. Puked a lot. She fells so bad. Cause
she wants to ask a question to the one she loves. She wants to ask if he
missed her. Why ?why not just ask him. I told her. Ask! Say it!why not
!is there something worse than what u are going through right now??!
Ask!Ask him!    Actually,I was just like her too. These days ,I am
thinking that if we should continue this relationship. Don’t get me
wrong. When I am saying this I am not do not love you anymore. It’s
right the apposite. I love u so bad. I just want to know what u are
thinking about me. Do you think the relationship is a burden for u ?Just
tell me. Don’t hide your feelings. I don’t care if I will feel so bad.
It doesn’t matter. Just tell me ur real thoughts….love you. Good

Recently u’ve broken into my heart. Then ever since if I come to miss u,
smiling like a fool.
Maybe I hang around here, a little more than I should. I got sth to tell
u, that I never thought I would. But I believe u really ought to know.

I ain’t got time for u unless u can deliver me bill.

Lee:Burden?? Come on?

I just feel like to please u, & to fit u. & this kind of feeling doesn’t
tend to reduce a bit these days. I think I’ve wholly absorbed in u.
There couldn’t be any girl in my mind, except u.
After dawn, the only thing I hope for is the MSG that comes from u.

I forcus on my business like I got nowhere to go.

Hard?? Of course, i told you that its gonna be like that. I know me at
the army have no at all…

May I take a place in your heart?
That from this day forward I’ll cherish u as my all.
I will hold the umbrella for u in the rainy day.
I will wander by your side along the sand beach in the Sunday
I will take u shopping around no matter how tired I am.
I will give off my warmth to u, not letting u suffer lurch any more.

Bitch u may hurt me but u ain’t got my dope.

I told you that i dont want anyone to suffer cause of me, and i knew
that 4 month is a long time for such a short relationship…

May the endless affair move the world?
That at the last day of our life, still I am with u.
Love takes on many changes but I don’t abandon u.
Love plays many jokes but we just choose to enjoy.
Love discourages u but I comfort u & cheer u up.
Love is color-blind so that I can’t say why I’m lost to u.

I never say me a gangster but I know which cop I ‘d cope.

Girl, i want you. To see you again, feel you again.

May u be my angel, later all my life?
That at the first sight, u’ve taken me upside-down.
U can play joke on me for the life long.
U can tease me whenever u want.
U can consume my love without paying anything.
U can require me to do anything as long as I am capable.

He’ll Alert me when G Cross my corner if green keep flow.

At least now. You know that if i could of see you right now i would of
done it.

I’d just write down my affair but I fear to tell u.
’Coz I haven’t got any flaring words to express my emotion.
& I don’t mean to cheat u, forever not.

Cousin in and nobody talk,it’s like a history that snitch burn on every

I hate the fact that i make you feel like that.

If what I’d be with u?
Although it’s too late to take part in your begones.
However, I shan’t miss your future, & I won’t.
I’ll be always here later your life.
Believe me, & let me hold u please.
Trust me, & let me love u please.
Let me, let me comfort u & let me please u.
Be my girl, be mine, please.

Rat should be run over by me 2 tons wheel.

While im busy and have no time to think at all you are studying and
thinking. Whats makes it harder for you.

I am willing to do anything to appeal to u, my girl.

O’me no gangster as u believe or no,

I understand that its hard and hurt.

It’ll be a long long journey, but I am ready.
I’m a great man, but I can show u what love means.
U r not a unique girl, but in my eyes u r the most beautiful.
Whatever it takes, I wish I can be, be with u.

I only cross u like u late for my monthly due.

Im sorry.